José Arce considers himself as a dog therapist who reconnects humans with their dogs

Jose Arce was born and raised in Mallorca. Even as a child, José worked with noticeable, dominant, fearful, and aggressive dogs for fun and with great passion.

When José visits his clients, he initially pays little attention to the dog, not even touching it. According to his philosophy, he works without the typical reward-punishment pattern, without pressure, and without the widespread tricks to give dogs obedience - but rather non-verbally, with calmness and body language. His method is unique in Europe. In addition to Spanish, he speaks fluent German and English.

José is a bridge-builder between humans and dogs: a human-dog therapist. He exposes all the mistakes that humans make in their relationship with their dog and gives strength, courage, and confidence back to traumatized dog owners. Only in this way does he also help the dog. Sometimes, he delves into the psyche of the human and does not shy away from telling the unvarnished truth to his counterpart.

Today, he lives with his own pack of dogs on a finca in Mallorca and operates a rehabilitation center for traumatized dogs there. José advises an international clientele from Europe to South America and publishes his dog guides domestically and internationally as one of the most successful and promising authors in the field of dogs. His 2-day practical seminars in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany are always sold out.

"If we accept that we make mistakes, that we are not perfect, that it is up to us to change something so that our dog can lead a happy life by our side, then we are on the right path." José Arce